July 4, 2009 Meeting

It was quite nostalgic for the membership to meet again in the Church's upstairs facilities. The three rooms are now well furnished with comfortable accommodations and plenty of space for the general meeting as well as two breakout sessions. As always, food and refreshments were served. Members socialized after the general meeting and announcements as there was no formal program.

Our regular pre meeting social is scheduled at the Raven in New Hope, Pennsylvania on Saturday August 1, 2009. No reservations are required. Soda and drinks as well as light meals are available at the bar. You may arrive at any time, however 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM is ideal to get a parking place and enjoy a few hours before departing to the meeting about 20 minutes away.

The New Jersey Support group's Holiday Party is scheduled for December 5, 2009 from 8:00 - 10:30 PM at The Nevermore in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The cost, which includes taxes and gratuities, will be $32 per person and will include salad or soup and a choice of three entrees.

Our next scheduled meeting is Saturday August 1, 2009. This is our annual election night. Anyone wishing to run for office may be nominated by a member or themselves. Only persons who have been full members for at least one year prior to the August meeting are eligible to hold office. In the event one or more of the offices is contested, we will hold an election by secret ballot in which only full members may vote. This meeting will be held at Church in their upstairs facilities. Please enter at the main front door of the Church rather than the side door.

The results of our website poll are in with more formal programs of interest to the general transgender community winning out slightly over the other choices. Less formal programs and just informal open discussions placed a close second. Clearly as a group we have varied expectations. We will certainly endeavor to accommodate everyone with a mixture of formal programs and open discussion meetings throughout the year.

Poll Results

Leah Edwards, President