Dr. Christine McGinn, DO, will speak on pitfalls of transitioning at our meeting on June 2, 2007. Dr. McGinn, a postoperative transsexual, works at the Papillon Clinic in Doylestown, PA. Dr. McGinn is giving her presentation as part of an endeavor to acquaint support group members with area physicians and their services.


Dr. Lisa O' Connor, M.D., postoperative transsexual, operator of Healthy Transitions, spoke on various aspects of transgender medicine at the April 7 meeting. She particularly focused upon the different forms of estrogens available, their effects and modes of administration. She also delved into the effects of different hormones on sexual behavior in men and women. Then she went into a subject not often covered by speakers, the medical effects of gay sex. Finally, and this could have been a separate topic, Dr. O' Connor discussed the need to notify practitioners generally of transgender status. She also warned that some emergency rooms have refused to treat transgenders.

The program was followed by socializing for those wishing to remain in the Crossings Room and by the Open Forum Discussion facilitated by Jill MacDougal. The Open Forum appeard to consist of a testimonial by a new member on his acceptance and definition of his transgenderism.


The support group reached the required number of diners, and fifteen persons enjoyed a banquet in Diamond's Riverside Restaurant's Conference Room on May 5, 2007. Most enjoyed themselves, there was great food, a convivial atmosphere, drinking, plus what socialists used to term a frank talk (in which I did not participate).


June 23, 2007-SNR Sigma Nu Rho picnic at the Washington-Crossing Unitarian-Universalist Church. Those who wish to help set up may arrive as early as 1:00, picnic starts at 4:00 pm, lasting into the evening. $10.00 admission fee. See Vice President Pat for further details.

July 7, 2007-Sharla DeLawter, a Mary Kay Consultant, Treasurer of the Tri-Ess Chapter Chi Delta Mu (which meets in Hoboken), will speak on color coordination. She will explain the new Mary Kay approach to this topic. I believe Roberta Meluskey last spoke on the older Mary Kay approach to color coordination at a meeting in 1999. Cosmetics can be educational for transgenders. They help us to pass, and as I stated in the January program on police misconduct toward LGBTIQA, the more transgenders pass, the less likely people are to harass.

August 4, 2007-Support Group anniversary meeting with annual elections for Support Group Leader, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. An additional program may be scheduled for this meeting.

September 1, 2007-Open. But I have sent out inquiries, so if you have a suggestion, get at it! If I receive no responses from the inquiries or suggestions from members, we may show a film. This is Labor Day weekend.

October 6, 2007. Trish Sheridan of Lia Sophia will give her annual program on jewelry. A jewelry sale accompanied by a short talk is not educational? Once I visited a couple in Honesdale. Since I was driving directly from Endless Mountains Girls, and the couple was, and has proven to be, very interested in Jennie, I did not change, and arrived en femme. The couple restores old houses, and they wanted to view one for restoration. There was no time to change, so we went with me en femme. They were meeting with a contractor, and they wanted to see of the contractor could tell if I was not a woman. He was almost taken in-but he felt no woman would wear fake pearls with my dress! Whether true or not, I recount what I have been told. But ask Trish passing-related questions. The more you pass, the less people harass.

November 3, 2007-Open. More time for suggestions, but don't dawdle. Inquiries are out.

December 1, 2007-To hold a holiday banquet or not to hold one, that is the question. I fear, to speak with poet John Keats, it will be drear nighted December if we do not have one while most other support groups will be feasting at year's end, but I am only going to set one up if members really want it. Those who do not want one should propose alternative entertainment, and explain how to chase the winter doldrums not having a banquet might engender. Those who want a banquet at an establishment other than Diamond's should propose another restaurant. If we do decide for a Diamond's banquet, we better get at it. Whether we like it or not, that establishment is popular. But see below. The days of subsidized banquets are over. True, with all the advertising I have given Diamond's, the support group might be entitled to a rebate, but don't hold your breath for one.

Postscript: Ladies Night Out has been held on the fourth Saturday of the month, may switch to the fourth Friday. Contact Emily Platt for further details. See Calendar of Entertainment Events.


A day of reckoning has come. We are going to have to up fees for meeting admission and annual membership. We have been losing money for several months. We are going to try to raise fees gradually. We were making ends meet quite well until we had to take out liability insurance. But let me say this. The rental the church charges us is quite fair. And our fees are much lower than those of comparable support groups. I tried to avoid this moment by scheduling programs which might bring in more members. If we had increased membership and meeting attendance to some former levels, raising fees could have been avoided. The board is open to suggestions. Another support group, for example, has set up a program under which different members donate the food each month. I realize most of us are underemployed (including myself), and gasoline is generally not becoming cheaper. But we have often been one of the few solvent support groups at times when others have been in real trouble, and even if we double our fees, we will be charging barely half of what some other support groups charge. So we ask members to understand and hope for their continued support. And again, do keep thinking about ways to save money. The June 2007 meeting will in no way constitute a deadline for such suggestions. Call or e-mail them into board members anytime. We would have to become a tax exempt corporation in addition to being non-profit to accept charity (and use the funds so raised in a manner consistent with charity), but do not refrain from telling the board about additional sources of income if it would involve becoming capable of accepting charitable donations. The board might reverse its decision not to apply for such status.

Jennifer Mae Barnes