Our July 2011 meeting provided a nice turnout for a holiday weekend,  two new members were welcomed into the group. As always, food and refreshments were served. An informal open forum discussion was held after the general meeting and announcements for interested members. The remaining members relaxed and socialized in the main conference room.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday August 6, 2011. We will not be holding elections in August, our election meeting has been moved to September 3, 2011.

The legal firm of Jerner & Palmer, P.C. will make a presentation on August 6 regarding the new New Jersey Law that protects the rights of the LGBT Community. The presentation will be held at the Church in the Sanctuary.

The LGBT community at large and interested members of the Church have been invited to this event. It is anticipated that there will be a much larger turnout than our regular meeting. Additionally, we will not be renting the usual three rooms upstairs.

Kara Mitchell