January 3, 2009 Meeting

The Group was advised that on January 2, 2009, Jennifer Mae Barnes submitted her resignation as President of the New Jersey Support Group to the Board of Directors. Jennie took the helm of the Group in August 2003. This was a very difficult time in the Group's history. She has spent a great deal of her personal time getting the Group back on course and expanding its membership. She has always strived to improve and expand the Group to better serve the Transgender Community. The Board and members of the Group wish to thank Jennie for her over five years of service to the NJ Support Group as our President. The board and members hope she will stay active in the Group.

The Vice President, Leah Edwards, will assume the duties of President. The position of Vice President will remain vacant until the next scheduled elections in August. At the December meeting, Pat had been appointed Assistant Treasurer by the Board of Directors. The Board as determined that the position was no longer necessary and Pat has resigned as Assistant Treasurer.

The Board, after discussion with the members present at the meeting, has determined that our contact and interaction with other Transgender Support Groups in the region needs to be improved. Accordingly, the position of Transgender Group Liaison was created by the Board. It will be a position on the Board. After further discussion with the members present at the meeting, Pat was appointed to that position by the Board.

Leah advised the Group that she had met with the Unitarian Church Rental Director and we can continue to rent the space we now occupy for our meetings. The scheduled speaker was unable to attend due to vehicle problems. The members had a discussion concerning transgender issues, including ideas for future programs and increasing membership.

The next scheduled meeting is February 7, 2009. The Rev. Alison Boden, Dean of Religious Life at Princeton University, will speak on the position of the United Church of Christ toward Transgender. Several clergy of this denomination signed petitions in favor of transgender non-discrimination in 2006. Ms Boden gave the invocation and the closing prayer at the National Transgender Day of Remembrance Service held on November 20, 2008 at the Princeton University Chapel.

Leah Edwards, President