February 7, 2009 Meeting

The Rev. Dr. Alison Boden, Dean of Religious Life at Princeton University, was the guest speaker. Rev. Boden spoke on the United Church of Christ's (UCC) stance on transgender issues. Rev. Boden advised that in 2006, the UCC in it's The Twenty-fourth General Synod adopted the resolution, Affirming the Participation and Ministry of Transgender People Within the United Church of Christ and Supporting Their Civil and Human Rights. She read the resolution and explained the finer points of the resolution. Additionally, she discussed other ways the UCC is Transgender supportive. A discussion with the members present followed.

It was announced that on May 2, 2009, the Unitarian Universalist Church is having their annual auction and will be using the entire church facility. Accordingly, the May 2009 meeting must be cancelled. It was also announced to the membership that the annual dues have been reduced to $20.00. The group welcomed four new members this evening. An open forum discussion group was held after the meeting.

The next dinner at Bowman's Tavern is planned for 5:00 PM before the April 4, 2009 meeting. Kara will be arranging the pre-meeting dinners, please contact her if you would like to attend. Our next scheduled meeting is Saturday March 7, 2009. This will be primarily a social meeting with no formal program or speaker scheduled. An open forum discussion group will also be held for members interested in a focused round table venue.

Leah Edwards, President