Betty Ajamian of Artistry Cosmetics will speak on adapting makeup to changes in the weather (for example, when to wear a thicker moisturizer layer and when to wear more foundation), adapting colors to the seasons, and color coordination. Betty and her assistant will be available for drape color coordination. Her approach to color coordination is similar to the older Mary Kay theory based on warm and cool colors, but she will include eye color as well as skin tone. Mary Kay representative Roberta Meluskey last conducted a drape color coordination session in 1999. So, some tourist railroads are announcing Fall Foliage Specials, and it looks like the New Jersey Support Group is offering one, too, but of a rather different kind.


There will be a dinner at 5:00 p.m. at Bowman's. Contact the web mistress for this event and future events, which are planned.

Betty's assistant has connections with Dress Barn. We will consider whether members will wish to visit the Bordentown Dress Barn (known among the Saturday Night Regulars as the Becky Barn) in the afternoon of December 6, before the holiday banquet. We will also discuss the Holiday Banquet to be held on December 6 at this meeting.

While we will conclude the meeting at the normal hour, remember that Daylight Saving Time ends on November 2, 2008.


Trish Sheridan, Lia Sophia Jewelry sales representative, made her annual visit. She left earlier than usual, but at least we still had our blouses and tops. Lia Sophia jewelry is hard to resist, and I might have bought another batch if she had stayed. Our webmistress kindly consented to conduct the open forum, which, unknown to the participants, focused upon problems in physician encounters very similar to the one presented in the October 2008 Newsletter. The incident discussed in the Open Forum was a case where a clinic attendant was continuously embarrassing a transitioning transgender by refusing to address her by her femme name and using her male name.


Do you have suggestions as to how the meetings might be improved, or wish to give an opinion on how Support Group activities could be improved? Check out the website. The webmistress is posting individual survey questions.

Unfortunately the webmistress has informed me that a large group out of the small number responding wants no programs, just socializing. This will kill the group off like it has another local group. But unlike the other group, no one will be there to subsidize it. So we will fold.

Furthermore, the attorney who registered us as a non-profit registered us as an educational corporation. She could have consulted with us. We after all are committed to transgender civil rights, and we do provide recreation and support in addition to educating ourselves and when the opportunity presents itself, the world outside. And believe me, there is an even greater need for such measures after transgender emancipation.


NOVEMBER 20, 2008

November 20 is Transgender Remembrance Day. There will be a celebration at nearby Princeton University. Pastor Charles Stevens has indicated that we may use the parking lot for car pooling. The service will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Princeton University Chapel. One member beside the president has indicated a desire to go. More information on this event will be provided at the November 1 meeting.


We will have our Holiday Buffet on December 6 at the usual times and location. Keep watching the newsletter-and attend meetings-for further information.

On December 20, 2008, the Saturday Night Regulars, Sigma Nu Rho, will hold its Christmas Party at the Main Street Manor in Flemington, New Jersey.


Unfortunately, no 2009 programs have been arranged. I am open to suggestions. I have contacted a local PFLAG and have been in touch with numerous Episcopal clergy. While I have not succeeded in engaging a speaker, I have learned some very interesting things. Massachusetts is a diocese with particular transgender activism within the Protestant Episcopal Church of America, and eastern Pennsylvania and the Diocese of Newark within New Jersey are also very transgender friendly. Trenton is the see of the Diocese of New Jersey, not so transgender-friendly, but it has oases. The Episcopal Church has set up an OASIS program, similar to the Unitarian-Universalist Interweave program, to integrate sexual minorities into congregations which welcome them.

One thing we need a program on is what I term Transgender Health Care without Pressure. By this I mean that health care should be non-discriminatory for all transgenders, whether they ever intend to transition or not, without pressure either to transition or to refrain from transgenderism. I have attempted to have transition physicians come and give programs at support group meetings. But transgenders, transitioning or not, must at some time see physicians who are not transition specialists. Should transgenders consult only transition specialists for colonoscopies, flu shots and EKG? Suppose a cross dresser has an automobile accident dressed outwardly as a male while wearing panties underneath. I outed myself to many of my physicians years ago and things seemed fine until recently. After incidents which have happened to both other transgenders and myself, I have concluded that discriminatory attitudes are rife in the medical profession. I used to change into male underwear before going to routine examinations. Though I have only gone to one medical examination en femme (at the request of the physician), I have recently gone to physicians underdressed in panties. This alone has caused problems. Some physicians might say that they have nothing against transgenders-until they see panties on a man. The first sign is that they want to cut back on routine checkups.

If I have to live with women in overalls, physicians can live with males in panties and even full female dress, in dresses and skirts. Men used to wear silks, satins, lace, skirts, dresses, and wigs and makeup. Elizabethan males bounced around in rompers and hose. Who is fooling whom? But the same question applies to the transgender community, if such exists. The organizers of conventions on transgender health should have programs on Transgender Health Care without Pressure. No transgender should have to transition to obtain adequate health care. A convention on transgender health which offers events only relevant to transitioning is a disservice to the community. Such conventions only prove the feminist allegation that transsexualism is the revenge of the medical community on transgenderism. Suppose you just want to cross dress but tell the doctor you are transgendered? Seems fine, but the medical community is not ready for it.

Just as I had to find a non-transgendered attorney for the program on civil rights for transgenders in New Jersey, I will have to search among my personal practitioners for a physician, non transgendered, who wishes to speak on treating transgenders. We do not need a physician who specializes in treating transgenders or in transition practice. We do not need a physician presenting a theory alleging that all transgenders are underneath it all transsexual due to uterine hormone baths of the opposite sex, or that transgenders have an elongated gene reducing masculinity. Whether scientific or not, I wonder if only transgenders accept such theories. What we need is a non-transgender physician specializing in a non-transgender area, treating the general population, who gladly treats transgenders. And we need to reach younger medical students.

Jennifer Mae Barnes, President

October 30, 2008