We held a general discussion on measures which the group could take to increase attendance at meetings. Check the website for short opinion surveys on various measures. If you feel we are not covering any major issues, please let us know by e-mail, phone, or orally at meetings.

Nonetheless, someone brought a computer and three members saw a feature film, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Yet we held the Open Forum, too. In fact, most members went to the latter. The use of notebook computers, properly utilized, could mean a greater variety of program offerings at meetings and a better use of all the space we rent. In fact, if the facilitator and the participants desired, the Open Forum could start with a short film which would form the nucleus of discussion. Not everyone went to the Open Forum or saw the film. Some persons remained in the Crossings Room and chatted. This means that those who wish could keep up on films without interfering with the activities of others. We have enough space for three activities to be going on at once. We also registered as an educational non-profit corporation. The use of notebook computers means that we can educate while supporting while socializing. Let us accept our diversity. Somewhere in Lee Etscovits's history of Renaissance there is the remark that there really is no transgender community, just people who agree for a while not to be rude to each other. We have disputes in the community. Let us rejoice in our diversity which at times means accepting that we do not all have to be doing the same thing. Variety does not have to mean discrimination.


Annual elections will be held at the August 2, 2008 meeting. The following candidates have announced their intention to run: Treasurer-Ronnie Dougherty, Secretary-Judy Woods, Vice President-Leah Edwards, and President-Jennifer Barnes. Former Vice President Pat has announced her intention to step down, but she will assist the treasurer. Leah Edwards has formerly served as Vice President. Anyone else wishing to run may either nominate themselves or have someone nominate them. Secret ballot will decide contested elections, uncontested elections will be decided by acclamation.

On August 3, 1996, South Jersey Renaissance was reconstituted as the New Jersey Support Group and held its first meeting at Washington Crossing. So our meeting this month will fall a day shy of our 12th anniversary. Let us hope some old members show up. We have held programs on election night, the last being an excellent presentation by Mani on women's clothing sizes, but often the election is program enough, as it will have to be this year.



Betty Ajamian of Artistry Cosmetics will speak on adapting cosmetics to changing seasons and weather conditions. She will also be available for individual color coordination consultations. In the past, the Support Group has tended to invite Mary Kay consultants to speak, but the Support Group cannot endorse any particular brand. An Este Lauder representative has spoken to the group, and we may invite representatives from this firm, or from Mary Kay, Artistry and other cosmetics firms to speak in the future. I consider cosmetics programs to be mixed educational/vendor functions because the more you pass, the less transphobes are likely to harass. And skin care is a big element in passing.


Trish Sheridan of Lia Sophia jewelry will make her annual visit.


Negotiations are going on, but this month is still open, so suggestions are welcomed.

NOVEMBER 20, 2008

November 20 is Transgender Remembrance Day. There will be a celebration at nearby Princeton University. Let us see if the support group can send some members. Watch upcoming newsletters for further details.


We will have our Holiday Buffet on December 6 at the usual times and location. Keep watching the newsletter-and attend meetings-for further information.

On December 20, 2008, the Saturday Night Regulars, Sigma Nu Rho, will hold its Christmas Party at the Main Street Manor in Flemington, New Jersey.

Jennifer Mae Barnes, President
August 1, 2008