Sharla DeLawter, a Mary Kay Consultant, Treasurer of the Tri-Ess Chapter Chi Delta Mu (which meets in Hoboken), will speak on color coordination at the July 2007 meeting. She will explain the new Mary Kay approach to this topic. I believe Roberta Meluskey last spoke on the older Mary Kay approach to color coordination at a meeting in 1999. Cosmetics can be educational for transgenders. They help us to pass, and as I stated in the January program on police misconduct toward LGBTIQAs, the more transgenders pass, the less likely people are to harass.


Dr. Christine McGinn, DO, spoke on pitfalls of transitioning at our meeting on June 2, 2007. Dr. McGinn, a postoperative transsexual, works at the Papillon Clinic at 72 N. Main St., Suite 2A in Doylestown, PA 18901. The presentation covered pitfalls on almost every aspect of transsexual transitioning on a point by point basis. Dr. McGinn was accompanied by an electrologist who works at the Papillon Center, Lisa M. Bortz, present for those who might have questions regarding this aspect of transitioning. The question and answer period lasted so long that there was no time for the Open Forum Discussion.

There was as announced a short Board of Trustees meeting. All four elected officers, Support Group Leader Jennifer Mae Barnes, Vice President Pat Cross, Secretary Judy Woods and Treasurer Ronnie Dougherty, were present. Among the issues which the board deliberated upon were the need to increase dues and the holiday banquet. See information on the December 1, 2007 meeting below under upcoming programs to see what the board decided regarding the latter. But as for the dues increase, the board decided unanimously to increase meeting admission fees for members from $5.00 to $7.00 per meeting, and to increase non-member meeting admission fees from $8.00 to $10.00 per meeting. In addition, the board decided to raise annual membership dues from $25.00 to $30.00 per year, payable in January of each year. The proposals adopted by the board will be presented to the membership for approval at the July 2007 meeting. If approved by a simple majority, the admission fee increases will become effective at the August 2007 meeting, and the annual dues increase will become effective in January 2008.


Close to 40 people attended the Sigma Nu Rho Picnic held at the church on June 23, 2007 for one of the most enjoyable picnics ever. The weather was perfect, sunny but not hot. Members from four groups (Sigma Nu Rho, the New Jersey Support Group, Chi Delta Mu, and a group formed by Lisa O' Connor) participated, showing what cooperation between different transgender groups can accomplish.


Upcoming programs is being expanded to include regional functions outside the Support Group as well as Support Group meetings.

July 11, 2007. (WEDNESDAY!!!) OUTSIDE SUPPORT GROUP FUNCTION. Chapter Program Meeting of South Jersey NOW-the Alice Paul Chapter, held in the undercroft of the First Baptist Church, 19 West Main Street, Moorestown, NJ. Topic: Gender and the Brain. I cannot locate my copy of the July 2007 newsletter for this organization, but the speaker is university-affiliated. Meeting begins at 7:00 pm. Program includes refreshments (largely pastries and beverages, not sandwiches like at Support Group meetings), announcements and letter writing (voluntary) as well as the program talk. Non-members welcome. You may attend en femme, but I am not sure about changing at the site. I do not believe there is an admission fee non-members, but let me know in advance if you wish to attend and I can check into this matter and on-site changing.

August 4, 2007-Support Group anniversary meeting with annual elections for Support Group Leader, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The election will be the program. We never used to schedule programs on election night. We can just socialize after the elections. I believe that the incumbents are running for reelection. Nonetheless should anyone wish to run for any of the elected offices (Support Group Leader, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), please note that you must have been a full member in good standing for at least a year to be eligible. If none of the elections are contested, election will be by acclamation. Contested elections will be decided by secret ballot. Only full members in good standing will be issued ballots by the treasurer if a vote is necessary. Any member in good standing wishing to run for office may nominate herself/himself or have someone else do so at the August meeting, but it might be helpful if anyone wishing to run other than the incumbents would announce such intention as soon as possible. Records suggest that the New Jersey Support Group, then a Renaissance Affiliate, met for the first time in Washington Crossing, NJ on August 3, 1996, so this will be our eleventh anniversary at the church. It is unclear when our predecessor group, the Renaissance chapter Renaissance South Jersey began, either in 1989 or 1990. The Support Group would appreciate any information on the history of our predecessor.

September 1, 2007-Open. But I have sent out inquiries, so if you have a suggestion, get at it! This is Labor Day weekend. Vendors are hesitant to come, and I do not want to invite a speaker for what in some cases has been a small turnout. I think I will show a movie, which will begin at the latest at 8:00, and then members may go to the Open Forum Discussion or socialize in the Crossings Room after that.

October 6, 2007. Trish Sheridan of Lia Sophia will give her annual program on jewelry. A jewelry sale accompanied by a short talk is not educational? Once I visited a couple in Honesdale. Since I was driving directly from Endless Mountains Girls, and the couple was, and has proven to be, very interested in Jennie, I did not change, and arrived en femme. The couple restores old houses, and they wanted to view one for restoration. There was no time to change, so we went with me en femme. They were meeting with a contractor, and they wanted to see of the contractor could tell if I was not a woman. He was almost taken in-but he felt no woman would wear fake pearls with my dress! Whether true or not, I recount what I have been told. But ask Trish passing-related questions. The more you pass, the less people harass.

November 3, 2007-Former support group member and Open Forum Discussion facilitator Terri Fasano will return to speak about NOW (the National Organization for Women) and her journey toward feminism. Ms. Fasano is a post-operative transsexual who has risen to become Executive Vice President of NOW New Jersey. Some South Jersey NOW-Alice Paul Chapter members may attend, and they may join, as membership is open to allies as well as transgenders and their significant others.

December 1, 2007-To hold a holiday banquet or not to hold one, that is the question. I fear, to speak with poet John Keats, it will be drear nighted December if we do not have one. But I am told other TG organizations have ceased to have holiday banquets. Those who do not want one should propose alternative entertainment, and explain how to chase the winter doldrums not having a banquet might engender. If we decide against holding a banquet, we will have to reserve our usual meeting place soon, as the church does not expect us to meet here on this date. Those who want a banquet at an establishment other than Diamond's should propose another restaurant. If we do decide for a Diamond's banquet, we better get at it. I called Diamond's manager Diane Benner on June 29, and the restaurant will hold the Conference Room until we meet. Whether we like it or not, that establishment is popular. In fact, it is so popular that some Support Group members say they would like to get together and go as a group to Diamond's separately on another evening should the group as a whole decide against a group banquet. The days of subsidized banquets are over. Everyone will pay the same rate, and costs are rising. At the June 2007 meeting, it became apparent that most members do not object to setting up holiday banquet at Diamond's. The board decided to air the question again at the July 2007 meeting to be sure. One suggestion was to require $20.00 non-refundable deposits at the July or August meeting with payment of the outstanding amounts no later than two months before the banquet. We will discuss these issues at the July 2007 meeting. But we cannot continue the practice of allowing diners to join up at the last minute. Sorry.

There will be Dinner and a Movie on June 30, 2007. Girls Night Out resumed after a hiatus of several months on June 22, 2007, Ladies Night Out will continue on the fourth Saturday of the month, with the possibility of adding a Friday outing. These events will be covered in the Calendar of Entertainment Events.

Jennifer Mae Barnes